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Anhong electric is a collection of industry,technology development,trade in one of the power distribution equipment specialist.mainly in the distribution equipment research and development,design,producer,production, sales as the main body,while operating a number of domestic low-voltage electrical switches,industrial products and sales agents and other electrical components.

Tel: 0769-81390082
Fax: 0769-81390082
Mob: 13809829641
E-mail: anhongnet@163.com
Website: http://www.gdanhong.com
Addr: Dongguan City Wanjiang Stubbs Jiao Wo Industrial Zone
Factory address:

Dongguan city Changan town Xiagang Renaissance International Industrial Park

Addr:Dongguan City Wanjiang Stubbs Jiao Wo Industrial Zone  Tel:0769-81390082    
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